5 Platforms You Must Opt for Earning Money Online

How to Earn Money Online

Are you one of them who are looking for any possible way to make money online?

Don’t shy to say yes

After all, money is above of everything. Why would you not give a try and that too when it is online.

Work online from home has become the most convenient way to earn extra money.

But the question arises how to start with and then after continues in a proper manner?

Well there could be several approaches out there but you will have to choose one to go with.

You can either choose make money online fast or long term plan to earn money. No matter what approach you tend to opt, one thing is most important that you are earning money or not.

Well earning quick money online is a myth. If you are looking any such way out then you are in the wrong boat. It takes lots of planning and hard work to earn money online.

It could even cost an arm and a leg but after such efforts and investment, you are more likely to enjoy lots of bucks in your bag.

Are you feeling that I am beating around the bush, so let’s take you to the direct methods and ways to make money online?

Here are 5 Legit Resource to Earn Money Online

Take Benefit from Popular Websites

Do you have some used items or some of your creative crafts which can be sold-out then there are many popular website out there which are ready to take your stuff on.

Top Popular Websites

Craigslist:  Sell your items which are not in use, rent out a free space in your apartment

Upwork: Sell you professional service but make sure it is of high quality and at a reasonable price.

Fiverr: Sell your skill out here. Be it writer, designer, marketer and others; can sell their work and get paid for it.

Flippa: Buy and Sell your website for making money online

Shutterstock: Sell you captured images which can impress leading photography agency.

Etsy: Sell your handmade items over here. You can also put digital products here on sale.

Threadless: Sell digital craft for clothes and other items such as a coffee cup, phone cases, and more.

Get Started with Blog

Start blogging as it is the most convenient method to earn money online without investment, but make sure the blog has real and quality information. Your blog must be targeted at potential customers.

It could be a long process but can benefit you beyond your imagination. It is the best way out to make money online for teenagers as they can do it along with their studies.

Be Youtuber

This will not be a wonder when you hear that your neighbor has become YouTube star and earning many dollars every month. Lots of people are taking this platform as fastest earning resource online.

You just need to choose a niche and then create a YouTube channel. After that, start uploading video clips which are relevant to your topic. The more you share videos, the more you get followers and thus ended up earning so many bucks.

Top 10 Youtubers

PewDiePie– He is the most successful YouTube star, who is a video-game commentator. He has made $15 million in 2016.

Roman Atwood —He creates prank-filled videos on his channel named as Roman Atwood. He is making around $8 million per year.

Lilly Singh — It is a woman YouTube channel owned by Lilly Singh who is creating comedy sketches, music videos and other. She is earning around $7.5 million per year with her channel.

Smosh — This channel is a duo of YouTube stars Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They are creating comedy videos and earning $7 million per annum.

Rosanna Pansino —It is a baking channel owned by Rosanna Pansino. She is earning $6 million per year with her channel

Tyler Oakley —He is YouTube star who is an LGBTQ activist. He creates videos mixing comedy with pop culture and politics. He is earning $6 million per year

Markiplier — Mark Fischbach is a YouTube star who is running channel for gaming. He is earning $5.5 million with his channel.

Germán Garmendia —Germán Germendia is Latin America’s topmost YouTube star, earning $5.5 million.

Rhett & Link– Rhett and Link are two YouTube star who are famous for creating local-style ads. They are earning $5 million

Colleen Ballinger– She is an actress, comedian, and singer who is putting one-woman comedy act on YouTube. She is earning $5 million.

Join Affiliate Program

Find resource for affiliate program below

Being an affiliate is no less than a being entrepreneur. It is a partnership which benefits both the merchant and affiliate. In this program, an affiliate is supposed to sell and promote the products of merchant and get the commission.

Top 10 Affiliate Website

ClickBank – Are you a information entrepreneur who sell products online through information business then join ClickBank

Commission Junction– Advertiser and online publishers can come and sell together with this affiliate advertising network.

Rakuten Marketing– It is a digital marketing firm which is dealing with affiliate, search, and display network

Share-a-Sale– This affiliate network gives commissions to affiliates on the basis of sales.

Amazon Associates– Amazon Associates is most popular affiliate network which allows you to create links and earn referral fees.

Email Marketing:

It is also a very effective way to earn money online. It is part of online marketing through which we try to develop a relationship with our audience through emails.

Promote and sell your product via email is very outdated so you will need to be very creative to get started with email marketing.