Fantasize With Creating Killer Blog Posts? 4 Tips to Make It Happen


Content writing is getting common these days with so many people are penning down their views – some genuine, some just for the sake of flow. One thing that is not so common yet, and hopefully will not in the near future is the zeal of writers producing killer blog posts.

Creating fresh and engaging blog posts is not less than a challenge. The Internet is full of textual and visual content covering almost every inch of the news, trends and facts by writers. In such a scenario, it is quite difficult for writers to sprout something crazy every week. But, not impossible!

The mantra of creating killer blog posts is simple: find a way of writing that no one else is following, shed light on facts no one else is discussing, and have your sight on trends that no one else is able to make eye-catching!


Don’t think the concept is too much we’re here to make it less blurry for you. If you fantasize with creating killer blog posts, then we have 5 crazy tips that will make fantasy a reality for you.


Know Your Competition

How often you search your idea on Google before writing it down as a blog? If you’re thinking “it hardly matters, no?”, then you’re highly mistaken the whole concept of *trending*. And without being ‘a trending topic on Google’, you cannot call your posts killer ones. So, the choice is truly yours!

Most of the writers/ bloggers think their idea is unique and will surely do well on the search engine sites like Google. But, it looks convenient and successful until they met with search results. Well, there’s no need to be shocked. We all know that the world is full of creators and for you to be a master must need to do a little slice & dice in already existing topics.


Want to create killer blog posts? Be good friends with Google and knock out your competitors together. Do a quick Google search with your blog title, keywords or simply write down the idea in the bar.


A quick Google search will help you to keep your unique idea actually unique. If you know what’s already there on the web, you can add more value to your blog. Take it as ‘icing on the cake’  and keep on googling before start writing your killer blog posts.


Make It Informative

Is your blog writing has a simple rule: fix the word count, rephrase the existing matter, and hit the post button. If yes, then forget the initial goal of reading this blog post (please). What’s left of the word killer when all you want to do is follow basic rules, huh? Leap a little, broaden your thinking (for god sakes)!

Try adding more specifics in your blog posts such as survey findings, facts or other statistics. The internet is a junkyard of rephrased articles so, you don’t need to be the same. Instead, you can research and find out some sourceable facts to add to your blog, which eventually make it more engaging and valuable (of course!).


Convey Your Experiences

We all learn new lessons from our failures. So, why not share them in our own blog posts? The fact is sharing your experiences, failures and findings in blogs make them look more genuine. Readers like to read genuine content as it helps them understand the concept better and instantly.

However, you don’t need to call yourself a hero all the time. Instead, you can interview other people as well and put their voice for your readers. Be it marketing lesson, life lesson or lessons you learned in a particular year lesson, just add them and wait for the magic to happen.


Answer Yourself

Do you even notice how finely I answered all of my questions on this blog? Obviously, you do notice (after all you’re one of my sincere readers). Most of the times we like to be the trend, but we forget in this sheep walk what truly our readers want to read and understand. If you don’t find a way to write your dream blog, then keep it like this. Do you have questions? I got all the answers!

Readers love to invest time in reading blogs that answer their questions instead of leaving ‘answer finding’ assignments on them.

Still want a bonus tip? Add relevant attractive blog image to increase the chances of “people read your killer blog posts”!


Tell us in comments what else you need to know, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. Although, we also fantasize with creating killer blog posts just like you!