Content Writing Tools- Giving You Major Writing Goals

Editing and writing tools to make your content sparkle


Do you want your website to grab huge traffic?

Or you want your audience to get engaged with your website

Or you want your article go viral on social media

You got the one solution, and that is Content. Make sure your content stands out in the crowd.

With thousands of content in particular niche, being developed on daily basis, it has become now a rocket science to surpass all the competitors and get the no 1 position in Google or other search engines.

Nevertheless, there are content writers, copywriter, and storyteller, who have managed to find a needle in a haystack. Content is written by them are always favorites of the audience and thus being applauded by Google.

Do you have any idea how the heck they do it?

I am glad, you don’t, because, I am one of those content professionals and I better keep my secrets.

However, I cannot be anymore disloyal to my audience, who kept asking me about free online content writing tools.

Today I am letting the cat out of the bag by demonstrating about the tools used in content writing.

Here I go:

Uber Suggest

It is more of keyword research tool but can give you a comprehensive idea to create content. When you put any keyword in the search box of Uber Suggest tool, it generates a list of keywords which are the combination of long tail and short keywords.  Before I start writing this blog, I searched content writing tool in the box of the tool and it provided me with relevant and LSI keywords, which is helped me write the entire content impactfully.

The tool works with the alliance of Google suggest and Adword keyword planner, thus essaying the details such as keyword search volume and competition.


I can guarantee that there is no one who belongs less or more to the digital world and doesn’t aware of this emerging tool. The tool has brought a revolution to the web by helping everyone with their spelling and grammar correction tool.

Be it is writing a small post on Facebook, writing a blog, or writing a case study for the website, It is going to help you every time as it is available as chrome browser add-on and software for MS Word and Outlook. You can simply download the software from here


When you start writing on any topic, very first thing, I am sure you must be doing as to search the best online available content of the same topic.

BuzzSumo tool makes your search easy by simply putting across the most shared and popular content for any topic. You just have to put a topic in the search box and by clicking on the search button, a list of most shared content will be displayed. Now by reading that content, you can get the right intent of user what they actually want.

You can also apply a filter for the country and specifically “how-to” posts here.


It is an online editing tool, which enlightens on errors that make your content awful. Errors could be a complex sentence, excessive use of the adverb, no of passive sentences.

Moreover, it generates content readability score. It also counts total no of character, words, paragraph, and sentences.


With several panda updates have rolled out, website owners or bloggers cannot afford anymore any kind of duplicity in their website. But the question is how they can check the heap of content on their website.

Copyscape is then come into existence, it a plagiarism checker tool. It scans your website thoroughly and endows you with every bit of duplicity on every page of your website.

It provides you with duplicate pages, paragraph, and sentences and also gives the resources it is copied from.


Article rewriter tool

It sounds awkward but someday or other, you smash into a need of article rewriting. Since you are running a content marketing campaign, then you end up writing umpteen no of write-ups of small and long form. And every time, you cannot manage to research, think and create your own content.

Sometimes, you need to rewrite the article and it is basically needed when you are submitting and sharing the content on social media, blogger, and other external platforms.

Make sure you are not rewriting the content on your own website, it might degrade the quality.

I most often use spinbot for rewriting the article and blog.