Don’t Miss Out These 4 Methods for Monetizing Your Blog

How to Moetize Your Blog

The evolution of internet has opened a sea of opportunities to various professions and one of those is blogging. Making money with blogging is the trendiest way to earn good wages. All you require is around ten thousand monthly visits in your blog and you can earn handsome amount by monetizing a blog.

The biggest task for the bloggers is to generate minimum thousand visits per day. But if you know what is trending and can present it like a pro, a good income is waiting for you.

So the next question that hits most of the minds is “how to monetize a blog?”

The answer is very simple; improve the content quality. There are many aspects you must be familiar with while writing something for your audience such as the field of interest, age, gender and more.

Here Are Few Tried And Tested And Best Ways To Monetize A Blog:

Try to teach/ Educational blog

Don’t try to sell your idea/product. No one is interested in the stuffed marketing blogs. Avoid imposing your products/services. Create some good informative content which can solve queries and welcome suggestions and questions on your blog. If you can solve confusion of your visitors through our content, you can easily achieve the target of thousand visits per day.

Your experience and your blog age do not matter if you are providing an informative platform. Just try to motivate your audience and guide them the right path. This is all you have to do. Just put your heart in the conversation you are having with your audience.

This way you can promote your own business and generate leads or you can do it for others and get paid for it. This is a perfect answer to the question “how to monetize a blog without ads?”

Affiliate Marketing:

Just enhance the reach of your blog. Affiliate marketing is about selling third-party products on your sites. The more people click the link to buy a product through your sire, the more revenue you can generate. Affiliate marketing has a different set of program and schemes. You can pick the best suitable and apply it on your site.

How to monetize your blog with Google AdSense?

This is the most common way of blog monetizing. Generally, people create solely for Adsense. Google AdSense is the safest way of displaying ads on your blog. It is a quick and easy way to earn money from your blog.

There are two types of Google Adsense: One based on impression on a particular ad and other is based on the number of clicks.

This one is an ideal way to create money from a self-hosted blog and monetize a free bloggers blog.

Paid Reviews:

Writing reviews for a brand/product is the highest paid writing services nowadays. If you have a high traffic free WordPress blog, use it to write paid reviews. Some brands pay you a decent amount to write about their products but not entirely positive review. You can write what actual experience you had with the product. On the other hand, some brands may approach you for sponsor post and link to their site/product. This is an effective way to monetize a WordPress blog.

Top 10 Most Successful Monetized Blogs

Do you know, today, nearly 1000 websites are developed every minute in a day? Yes, it is true! But not everyone is successful in blogging field because it needs consistency. Not everyone gets it.

Yet, there are many blogs which are well monetized and their owner making fantastic money from their blog.

Stats may vary because these are totally based on the traffic and the blogger activity.

10 | Tuts+: $175,000/month-

If you are in love with creative designs & illustration or want to groom with Music and Videos, or interested in Web Developing/Designing or any kinds of stuff including Game Developing, 3D- painting and many more, then you should visit this awesome website.

They update their blogs and add new ones on a daily basis which make them unique and considered as an active blogger.

Being a part of Envato, Envato Tuts+ leads with its tagline “Helping people learn and earn online”


9 | Smashing Magazine: $215,000/month-

A company, helping web Developers and Designers by their blog post science 2006, consider as most helpful blogs by their readers.

They have membership area on the website which is their primary earning source.


8 | Gizmodo: $325,000/month-

This website covers various topics including Science, International firms, Politics as well. This website is available in multiple languages like German, English, French etc.

The source of its earning is ‘Advertising’.


7 | Perez Hilton: $575,000/month-

It is a contentious gossip website. The interesting thing about this website is that the owner of the website wants to be an actor. Anyways, he started his blog.


6 | CopyBlogger: $1,000,000/month-

The owner of this website, a content marketer, launched a blog to provide right ideas and advice who want to do online marketing.

With over 200,000 customers, the parent company of this blog provides many online SEO tools and educating the people on their useful content.


5 | TechCrunch: $2,500,000/month-

They are dedicated to news in the technology industries and keep updating their readers by posting their content daily.

I must say it is a massively successful blog.


4 | Mashable: $3,000,000/month- 

This website is one of the 25 most successful blogs in the world. The website covers the social media news and activities.


3 | Moz: $4,250,000/month-

Moz, also known as SEOMoz, is dedicated to Search Engine Optimization strategies earns massive bugs from their membership area.

It is considered as most successful blog related to SEO strategies.


2 | Engadget: $5,500,000/month-

This blog is controlled by AOL science 2005. The website makes money from advertising and has a number of skilled content writers who update and add new pieces of stuff on the website regularly.

Incredible. Isn’t it?


1 | Huffington Post: $14,000,000 per month-
This website posts the blogs on legends, entertainment, lifestyle, business or I say almost everything. The source of its earning is advertising.

A massive blog with massive earning.

Final Words

The above-mentioned ways are the most ethical ones to produce money from your blog and getting best for your talent. Writing is a talent and if you are planning to make it your profession, you must try these methods for monetizing a blog. Not only these, majors are handpicked but also collected after monitoring the most successful monetized blogs present over the web.

But before trying any of the ways, make sure your traffic is satisfactory enough. If the traffic ratio of your blog fluctuates with time, try to balance it first. Quality is the key to success, so whatever you are doing; maintain a high quality that can please your audience. In this way, you can achieve the goal of thousand visits of a day and manage to increase the ratio of regular visitors.

Keep writing, keep learning.