The ABCs of Latest Google SEO Updates Of 2018

Google Updates

The evolution of digital world has its own pros and cons; it has turned people from beggars to billionaires. But who is the boss? Yes! We all are aware of the fact that the god of digitalization is no one else but Google. The giant has power in its hands and every Google algorithm update is not just an update but a storm and year 2017 encountered the maximum number of storms in the form of Google updates.

Every year there are almost 500-600 Google and Seo updates take place. Some of them are very effective while others are minor, but every update has its own significance. The Google changes are necessary to keep it clean and secure platform for all Seo as well as web users.

Let’s discuss what all Google search updates have been introduced in the year 2017.

Google Updates 2017:

January 10, 2017: “Intrusive Interstitial Penalty”

Google is more concerned about the mobile users and hence doing everything to provide them a hassle-free experience. The first Google update 2017 was aimed at mobile users. Google has finally decided to charge a penalty to the unwelcomed pop-ups which annoy users while browsing the web. The giant has decided to provide 5 months notice before the penalty. Though it’s not a major update of SEO people there is no future after penalty. So take care while designing pop-ups for your site.

February 1, 2017: Unnamed (Major)

This update is tweaked in the existing Penguin update.  It is mainly designed to target spam links and every type of spam. This update can trouble to those who believe in vigorous link building. It can ruin the “Black hat” tactics in just one shot. Some of the Grey and Black hat SEO community has complained about the deteriorating behavior of their sites after this update, but there is no effect on the White hat practitioners.

February 6, 2017: Unnamed (major)

The update started on February 1 sustained for a full week. On February 7 more and more users specifically Black hat practitioners notice doom of their sites. Eve, poor quality content was targeted with this update. This updated played a major role as it cleaned almost every SEO crap such as “Black hat”, “Grey hat”, Pop-ups, and poor quality content.

March 8, 2017: Fred

The Fred update was mainly focused the low-quality content which is not enough user-friendly and only targeting revenue. The less informative content is more likely to affect by Fred updates. As per researchers, most of the money-making sites share a similar format and nothing unique is there. In addition, the content stuffed with keyword and affiliated marketing campaigns has faced downfall after Fred update.

October 10, 2017: Chrome update

The Google algorithm update of October 2017 is mainly introduced to enhance the security over the web. To sustain on Google you require SSL certificate and HTTP sites may get the warning to change the URL with HTTPS. Not only this warning can affect your site ranking but also make your tough to navigate for users which can influence your site traffic.

November 5, 2017: Android Security Bulletin

This update is focused on the security vulnerabilities in Android devices. It is kind of a security patch that is introduced to make the Android devices more secure platform for browsing. The sites containing resources which make Android devices prone to hacking have been affected by this update. Many of the sites have several unsecured resources which allow cyberpunks to get into the device which leads to the data breach. So Google algorithm update 2017 is specially introduced to provide a secure and smooth browsing experience for android users.

Upcoming: Mobile First algorithm

Since the update is in the queue as the nothing has yet finalized. It is aimed to provide a different ranking on mobile version as some of the sites have less content for mobile version than the desktop. The releasing date is not revealed by the developers but people are expecting it as the upcoming Google algorithm update 2017. Let’s see how the giant progresses in the last month of 2017.

Final Words:

The Google updates are necessary to follow. if you want to survive on the SERP for a long run. Just be user-friendly, read the latest updates and follow the Google guidelines to make an identity on the Google search page. There is no shortcut to the success, so instead of doing filthy tricks stuck to Google instruction and get your site ranked. The above-mentioned updates were launched in 2017.the year is about to end, and we are waiting for the latest Seo updates in 2018. As per Google, quality is never underrated, so be unique and beat the rest.

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