Top 10 Biggest Scams India- Shaming Our Country by Large

India Scams

Some of our foreign friends said that India is a poor country. I want to give them a message–“My Friends, India is not a poor country. India is a beautiful country, currently struggling with the back-stabbers.” It was a bad experience to write about the Top 10 biggest scam in India because I am ashamed of those people who are drowning our prosperity for their own greed.


Year: 2011-2018
Amount: 116 Billion (11,600 Crore)
Place: Brady House, Mumbai
Scammers: Nirav Modi, Ami Modi, Neeshal Modi, Mehul C Choksi

Details: The central bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a complaint against Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul C Choksi when a new employee noticed a suspicious transaction that took place at PNB’s Mumbai branch in Brady House. The alleged fraud transaction is directly linked to Nirav Modi.
Enforcement Directorate (ED) attached 21 fixed property of Nirav Modi on past Saturday under Money Laundering Prevention Act (PMLA).
Earlier, the ED had freeze bank deposits and shares of Rs 44 crore rupees on Friday. Neerav Modi, on Thursday, sent an email and told the ED that he will neither return to India nor pay the debt.

#2: Saradha Group financial scandal

Year: 2013
Amount: 2,500 crore
Place: West Bengal
Scammers: Kunal Ghosh, Sudipto Sen, Madan Mitra, Mukul Roy and many more.

Details: Caused by Ponzi Scam run by Sarda Group. As a result, Rajya Sabha MP Kunal Ghosh is in jail since November 2013. Odisha MP Ramchandra Hansda, MLA Pravat Tripathy, and former Odisha MLAs Subarna Naik and Hitesh Kumar Bagarti have also been arrested.

#3: Abhishek Verma arms deals scandal

Year: 2012
Amount: 80,000 crore
Place: Defense sector
Scammers: Abhishek Verma, Anca Verma

Details: A fatty amount scam caused by Abhishek Verma and her wife, revelled by Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan. This scam was found after hacking of emails by an American attorney.

#4: Common Wealth Games Scam

Year: 2010
Amount: 70,000 Crore
Place: New Delhi
Scammers: Suresh Kalamadi, Sheila Dikshit – the then Chief Minister of the State.

Details: The scam amount of said money was provided to the welfare of Indian sportsman during commonwealth games, but spent only half of the total amount known as one of the biggest scams in India.

#5: Indian coal allocation scam.

Year: 2012
Amount: 185,591 Crore
Place: National
Alleged Scammers: Coal ministry under United Progressive Alliance government. Sriprakash Jaiswal, Manmohan Singh

Details: The CAG uncovered the truth that 216 Coal blocks allotted, but not auctioned. This the biggest scam political scam in India.

#6: Uttar Pradesh NRHM scam

Year: 2012
Amount: 10,000 Crore
Place: Uttar Pradesh
Scammers: Babu Singh Kushwaha

Details: Babu Singh Kuchwaha with an IAS officer Pradip Shukla alleged to NRHM scam in 2012.

#7: 2G case

Year: 2008
Amount: 176,000 Crore
Place: National
Scammers: Nira Radia, A. Raja, M. K. Kanimozhi, many telecommunications companies

Details: According to CBI Court there was nothing like 2G scam. But A. Raja and Kanimozhi have been in the jail for months.

#8: Navy War Room Leak scandal

Year: 2006
Amount: 18,000 Crore
Place: Defense sector
Scammers: Abhishek Verma, Ravi Shankaran assisted by other defence personnel

Details: The Foul play of confidential military purchase documents of Scorpene Submarines by Indian Navy, caused by Abhishek Verma, granted bail in this case by High Court of Delhi, and Ravi Shankaran, still far away from Indian Government.

#9: Uttar Pradesh food grain scam

Year: 2003
Amount: 30 Crore
Place: Uttar Pradesh
Scammers: Mulayam Singh Yadav

Details: Food purchased to give to the poor, sold on the open.

#10: The Fodder Scam

Year: 1996
Amount: 900 Crore
Place: Bihar
Scammer: Lalu Prasad Yadav

Details: The fodder scam was the biggest corruption scandal in Bihar’s province of India, where Rs 950 crore was deposited in the name of the fodder fed to the animals by fraudulent fines.