Ultimate Ways to Use Hashtags in Facebook Marketing


Facebook has become an integral part of our day to day life. From a student to professional everyone holds an account on Facebook. People who are utilizing it best are marketers. Social media marketing is a powerful way to enhance your business approach and nothing can be more powerful than Facebook.

Now if you are using Facebook, what is the most common thing you use?

It’s a hashtag. The hashtag is a simple and short word/phrase/tagline to create a unique identity for your business/brand/page/. For Example: if you are a retailer, you can use #productname, #brand, # #discountdesigns and many other matching ideas.

How do hashtags work on facebook?

The hashtag is not only a tag but represents the motive, agenda, and goal of your business. Not only this, it increases the search result probability of your post to a great extent.

Get an insightful overview of How to use hashtags on Facebook?

Improve Your Reach:

Improve Reach
The Hashtags is not only used on Facebook, it’s been using on every popular social media site such as Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. It makes your posts easier to find for the people who are interested in your topic/niche.

Including hashtags to your post increases its efficiency but it requires continuous monitoring and potent strategy to make it effective. Make sure that the strategies you apply promote daily visits with the help of “Facebook Insight”. This will help you to study the difference between the performance of popular Facebook hashtags and the hashtags you are using.

Brand Promotion:

Brand Promotion
Branding is another effective technique to make your product popular among the targeted audience. You can promote your Facebook page with a specific hashtag. You can add Facebook hashtags to the tagline or the company name to increase the visibility level. Not only you, but your customers, promoters and associated authorities can use it as a central business tag.

Research before using Facebook hashtags:

Research Before using Hashtag
Not use any random hashtag on FB. Research what suits you the best. Use social media sites to research tags and pick the best match for your product/brand. Don’t use a common hashtag because victory comes with unique ideas only. Repetition can adversely affect your brand reputation. Keep it attractive, short and easy to spell, if you want your audience to use it perfectly. Also, you can use the trending hashtags on Facebook related to your services, but be careful which one is going to benefit you, because obviously you want to avoid dislikes on your post.

Before implementing Facebook Hashtag list or a single hashtag read the below given instructions carefully:

  • Privacy makes a difference:

Hashtags are not used to make posts public; it can only be done by changing your privacy settings. So before applying # before a word, make sure you thoroughly study “what do hashtags mean on Facebook?” If you have “friends only” settings, don’t expect hashtags to make your posts public.  It has nothing to do with your privacy.

  • How to Make Hashtags Bold On Facebook

Putting # before any word makes it a tag which automatically becomes bold and clickable. There is the very simple logic behind this, bold things are easier to see, and so is your post with accurately related hashtags.

  • Search by URL

There is very simple way to search for the trending hashtags on Facebook now by using very simple URL “www.facebook.com/hashtag” for an example if you are a fashion blogger use “www.facebook.com/fashion”

Some hashtags resources to find trending tags on Facebook:

  • Hashtag.org: Trending tags on every social platform.
  • Trendsmap: Best matches tags for your business respective of geographical location.
  • Statigram: Popular Instagram tags.

In a nutshell, hashtag strategy works for many but experiment is the only way to find is it working for you or not. Not stuff your post with the hashtag. Also, compare the performance of with and without hashtags posts; it will help you to construct a further strategy. Be sure, you are unique and creative. Spamming and stuffing may provide you temporary results but can cause you temporary harm.