Latest Google Image Update: Caption Added, Extract from the Page Title


To provide more relevant search with images, Google now added the caption in mobile image search result.

Are you aware of the latest Google image updates?? Don’t worry if not. It’s not too late.
From the past month, maybe you have noticed, that Google had made few changes in his image search algorithms. Now, Google removed “search by image” and “view image” from the last month. As Google is updating itself day by day, it’s really important to be aware of latest Google updates to remain in the rankings.
Don’t worry we would always here to update you on the latest Google SEO updates and Google Algorithm changes.

Let’s talk about Google image update.

Yesterday I was searching for Tulips in my mobile, and after reading I jumped into the image search. There I noticed that images are showing up with the captions, appear at just bottom of each image.

Not in desktops, but in mobile image search result, Google added the caption, which is pulled from the page title, available for mobile browsers (iOS and Android). Above of the caption, you will find the page URL which will redirect you to the page where the image is located.

You can see the difference from the image shown below, viewing you how the new image search update going to affect your viewing experience:

Image Courtesy: Google

Google Image Update

That’s not all, for now, Google is using web titles but maybe it will change by time. But right now Google using page titles as a caption.

In my scenario:
Suppose, I have Juice product website. One of my webpage containing page title “Best Mango Fruit Juice”, and a feature image of Katrina Kaif holding my product in her hands.
Now, what if someone searched for Katrina Kaif and getting the title “Best Mango Fruit Juice”. Little weird, isn’t it??
I am not sure what the end user is going to understand the page title but I want to share few words from a Google spokesperson:

“We use web titles right now, but we’re continually experimenting with ways to improve the experience.”

Hope I will find my answer sooner with any new Google updates or if you have any answer..please feel free to comment below. I would love to hear your opinions.

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