Must Learn Social Media Interview Questions and Answers


Did you get the mail shouting “We are hiring for social media”

If yes then gear up for social media interview question and answer because going for the interview is a waste if you aren’t prepared for it.

Below listed interview question of social media can get you a job you are going to face interview for.

Q1. What exactly you understand by social media optimization?

ANSWER: It is the set of processes, which is performed on multiple social media platforms to increase the visibility of your product, brand, and business. Social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, Linkedin and so on.

Q2. Why you perform social media optimization

ANSWER: We perform social media optimization to get the maximum sale for our business and we can accomplish this by doing the following:

  • To increase the leads
  • To increase the followers and subscription
  • To increase no of comments, shares, and likes
  • To increase the no of posts
  • Profile creation

Q3. Tell me some important social media tools?

ANSWER: As Follows

It is a popular tool to schedule posts on social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, and other.


It is one of the most popular tools in the industry to schedule posts, specify the pattern of posts, and to follow up on your post on any social media platform.

Sprout Social

It is a very powerful tool which can help a social media head to analyze and control the process by enabling multi-level access which can help in coordination and delegation.


It is a very helpful tool to discover the most popular content in particular category.


Open the tool and enter a topic, you will get to know the particular topic has been spread around social media platform

Q4. How you calculate the success of your social media campaign

ANSWER: If I am successful catching user engagement and thus converting them into my business leads through social media platforms; so this is what my objective is and I successfully accomplish.

Q5. What is most important and lucrative social media platform?

ANSWER: It completely depends on your business goals and requirement. First, you have to find out where are your audience. If you successfully find it, make the most of this particular platform whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

Q6. Do you have any idea of Facebook Edgerank

ANSWER: Facebook Edgerank could be a very important element of the Facebook algorithm to figure out if your post is eligible to put up in your news feed and on your friends (followers) page. It also decides the position of your post.

Q7. How can you make a video viral?

ANSWER: In order to make a video viral, you need to focus on below mention metrics:

  • Create video on trending topic in your niche
  • First 20 seconds of your entire video can decide if a user will go further or not. So make that 20 seconds as engaging as possible.
  • Create a catchy title and description to compel your users to click on the video
  • The video must be entertaining even if it informative one
  • Put all relevant tags which could be the most searched key terms

Q8. How can you drive more traffic to your blog?


  • Share your content on all social media and blogging platforms like Facebook, Twitter,, WordPress and so on.
  • Share relevant images to your blog on platforms such as, Instagram, Flickr, Foursquare, and more.
  • Create a presentation of your blog and submit it to SlideShare, Slideboom, Slideshow and other.
  • You can also create a short video of your blog content and upload on Youtube.

Q9. Have you ever handled online reputation management?

ANSWER: Yes, it is the process to build the credibility and positive reputation of the company and brand you are working with. It includes positive review, public relationship, controlling over a negative discussion about your company.

Q10. How you make social media content successful

ANSWER: Your content is the first thing that is most considerable so make sure it is unique and interesting for your audience.

Optimize your headline for clicks

Use hashtags in searchable key terms.