Free SEO Tools- Sky Rock Your Website Ranking Like Never Before


Do you want to market your business?

Do you want to get traffic to your website?

Do you want to earn money online?

All you need is to adapt SEO to your website. But when you think to get started with search engine optimization, a lot of terms trigger your mind such as website analysis, on page, link building, social media, SEO rank and many more.

Before doing all the practices related to SEO, you are more likely to search for SEO tools which can help you do this in the better way.

So here we are going to provide you with the list of search engine optimization tools which will surely be going to help you attain the goal of your business.

Page Speed Insights

Page Speed Insight
This is free SEO tool provided by Google which allows you to check for website speed on all the devices. It will suggest you the improvements that you can perform on your website.

The tool gives the score to your website speed metric out of hundred. If you see a green signal that means your website speed is pretty enough or good and if you see red signal then you have to optimize your website for speed.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner
This is a free tool provided by Google for keyword research, which is the most important metric for SEO.

The tool allows you to enter one or more keywords and then it provides you with the list of related keywords (LSI keyword). It will suggest you very important keywords that could play a significant role to market your website. The keywords can help you to grab content opportunity.

Google Webmaster tool

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You can see your website exactly how Google see it through this Google SEO tool. You can check here crawl error, incoming links coming to your website, caching status, search analytics, security issues and many more.

You can also submit the sitemap for your website on webmaster tool to directly inform Google crawler for all pages on your website. It is also a free Seo tool legitimized by Google.

Google Analytics Tool

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Website optimization is worthless unless you get traffic to your website. To get the proper insight of the traffic coming to your website, you must add your website to Google analytics.

Here you can track coming traffic from different metrics such as keywords, location, people, resource, IP address, and other. Again it is one of Google SEO tools, so it is also free of cost.

Ahrefs Tool

SEO tools (5)Backlinks are the key to outrank competitors in Google SERPs. This tool helps you tremendously to track competitor backlinks and analyze yours. It provides all the details related to your backlinks such as referring domains, domain rating, URL ratings, organic keywords and traffic and many more.

However, this tool is different from free SEO tools online as it is a subscription-based tool. You have to pay a monthly charge if you want to operate the tool.

Google Trends

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It is also a keyword analysis tool. Through this tool, you can check changes in search volume for particular keyword. How a keyword performs over the time can be analyzed by using this tool.

SEO Quake & WooRank Tool

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Website analysis could be the major point while you are optimizing your website for SEO marketing.

SEO Quake is primarily a Chrome add-on. It allows you to diagnosis your all web pages for SEO audit (URL, Canonical, Meta tags, headings, images, text/HTML, microformats, and so on)  

WooRank is an SEO analyzer where you can also analyze your website for above-discussed metrics.

Similar Web

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This tool is used to check all possible websites in your niche.  Here, you can also compare two websites for traffic.

XML Sitemaps

SEO tools (9) A sitemap is very significant in the context of SEO marketing. This tool is used to create sitemap online. You just need to put your website URL in the box and click start, you will be provided with all kinds of sitemaps such as HTML and XML.

SERPs Rank Checker

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Whatever you do in search engine optimization eventfully you go on to check the rank of your targeted keywords. You can do it manually by just putting your keyword on Google search engine search box. But what if you have dozens of targeted keywords, you have to invest lots of time.

In case, you don’t have time, then this tool can help you find keywords rank in no time.

Put your website and keyword, you will get the exact position of that particular keyword, your website is ranking for.