Top 10 Trending Websites 2018: You Won’t be Surprise

Top 10 Website 2017

The year 2017 comes to its end and everyone is being gaga over the top 10 trending list of celebrities, which comes in the form of the rich persons, sexiest men and women, most searched, and other.

With the digitalization booming very frequently, people are also curious to know what is trending in digital world such as most popular search engines list, the most visited website of 2017, and so on.

We have analyzed and found that people are trying to get the list of most popular websites of 2017.

Which is why we have discovered and come up with the latest list of top 10 most visited websites of 2017.   Here we go:


Google; being the most popular search engine has become the synonym for the search. People are using it for searching every single thing like website, image, movie, music, map, and many more. It helps you to find a clue to whatever triggers your mind.

Want to know more about the best features and services provided by Google:

Google plus:

it is a social network empowered by Google. It could be the best place to share information, join communities and connecting with the groups of friends. Marketers are also employing it as a platform for running the marketing campaign.



It is the world’s best email service provider developed by Google. It is completely free and used for both personal and professional objectives.


Google Adsense:

Everyone who belongs to the digital world is looking to earn extra money online. Google has provided this platform as the biggest advertisement network. It is text, image, and video-based ads which will appear on publisher’s website and he/she will earn money when someone clicks on the ad.


It does not need any introduction because there is no one in this entire world, who is unaware of the fact that Facebook is the largest and most popular social networking website.

It has changed the way people are making friends and connection. All the formalities of friendship are happening over here such as sending messages, uploading photos of friends, sharing relationship status and keeping in touch.

Don’t miss out below-given features of Facebook

Fan Page: you can create a page for your brand, business, and product over here.

Groups: you can join Facebook group of common interest and agenda

Marketplace: If you are a member of Facebook marketplace then you can post and respond to the classified ads over here.

Events: you can publish an event and invite people and thereafter can track also that who is attending.


When you get tired of workloads then you must be turning out to the YouTube for sure as to watch entreating videos over there. YouTube has become the most popular video streaming website online.

Do you know about YouTube Channel?

Youtube channel: do you have any best skill set then why not showcase it. Create a YouTube channel where you can upload video clips narrating the best of your skill. It can make you celebrity and can make earn money online.


Twitter is micro-blogging website which is rather popular among the celebrity. Actors, players, and politicians share their opinion within 280 characters as per the Twitter business model.

Users who are using Twitter are addressed as twitterites and they are allowed to retweet, comment, and like to others post (tweet)

The concept of hash tags is brought by Twitter and now it is adopted by almost all the social media websites around the Internet.


It is an online encyclopedia, which is a free resource and very useful. Wikipedia is collective creation of a group known as Wikipedians

Users visit this website to get deep information about any particular topics, place, human personality, and many more. Users can register on Wikipedia and can create article over here. You can also edit other published article if found any misinformation.


You are a professional right?? Then u must be registered with Linkedin. It is the best place for professionals to connect and develop a professional relationship.

You can also look for a new job here as all the recruiters from different firms are registered here.


We all are aware of the fact that Google is the biggest search engine in all over the world, but Baidu

Is the most popular search engine in China. People of China prefer Baidu over Google to search any query.


It is the first ever online place to sell and buy goods and services. Be it individual, company, and retailer; can register here and can sell and buy a product, second-hand items, and services.


It is getting popular every passing day. Millions of people are being registered to share the images they have clicked with their family and friends. Due to the increased popularity of Instagram, Facebook has purchased this domain and now it is operated by Facebook.


It is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world. It is making every possible effort to give a tough competition to the Google. It is developed by Microsoft and now covering 27% of whole searches in the world.